Sunday, November 3, 2013

'Style Book' Virtual Closet App

I have taken on the task of organizing my closet. Yes, I seem to start this journey all the time and never quite make it through. My plan is to turn a spare room into a dressing/closet room. But since that idea is on hold for the moment, I am trying to utilize the space I currently have. That brings me to the app I have newly found, "Style Book."

 For the low price of $2.99, any fashionista can have access to the best utilized "virtual closet" app available. The user can take photos of each piece of clothing and remove the background with the auto or manual editor. This is helpful when putting together looks with a similar layout to Polyvore.

 Once you have imported all of your clothing, accessories, shoes and put them into the proper categories, the fun begins. There is the option to create and experiment with different looks. Once you find one you like, you can save it and even add it to a calendar within the app for the day you would like to wear it.

 Another unique feature is for packing. You can create outfits for your trip so you know exactly what to bring with you. This eliminates under and overpacking. Hello, miracle! The option to import 'inspiration looks' is also available, similar to the pinterest boards we all know and love.

 One of my favorite parts, the app keeps track of what items you where and how frequently, which can help you eliminate certain pieces from your outfit when clean-out time comes. I could not rave more about this app, and could not be happier that I found it. This is not at all sponsored and my own personal opinion. Find it on your iPhone's app store.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheap Monday F/W '12

I've always been partial to Cheap Monday's clothing. I often find basic things I would like, but then the price makes me hesitate. As I watched their F/W 2012 runway show I didn't find much that I admired. I thought their Eastern inspiration was interesting, but taken far too literal. The men's looks were the only things remotely memorable to me. I'm sure urban outfitters shoppers will eat it up, though.

Keep calm and carry on watch

Among the many beautiful and interesting finds I came across in Francesca's Boutique, this watch was one of them. I'm not usually fond of watches but this one was too great to pass up (and on sale for $14).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlotte & Lisa Scarves

If you're anything like the fashion crazed lunatic that I am you're probably already craving to start wearing all of the fall styles we're seeing. I'm already dreaming of the lush sweaters, chunky scarves, and tall boots.

I've been browsing around and found a pair of newcomer scarf designers! Charlotte & Lisa are two friends living together in NYC who met in Paris. Their scarves have an innovative aspect to them, yet still basic enough to wear all season. There's the 'hooded scarf with fur', which is beyond beneficial to those days where that jacket that doesn't have a hood just has to be paired with that dress! My favorite is the 'military scarf' that drapes beautifully and has perfect accents.

To get a jumpstart on your fall accessories hop over to Charlotte & Lisa

all images via Charlotte & Lisa

Akris Fall/Winter 2012-13

For the Akris Fall/Winter 2012-13 ready to wear collection, Albert Kriemler took an architectural approach with an outstanding minimalism effect. The collection had a nice array of colors, silhouettes, and styles. I could see a lot of different women wearing these pieces. The only details on a few of the pieces I did not like were the oversized sleeves hanging down way below the hand. It looked sloppy to me and all I could think was, "I need to take that to go get tailored!"

Other than that minor dislike (which was only prevalent on a few of the pieces) I enjoyed the collection. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fiesta Before My Siesta look

My look today was a mixture of fiesta and western inspiration. It was a beautiful day so I thought it called for a beautiful outfit!

What I'm wearing:
DIY headband (my creation)
American Eagle blouse
Reformed lace skirt
Louis Vuitton speedy 35

You won't be seeing any of my looks with shoes anytime soon. I'm still in a cast and orthopedic shoe from surgery!