Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlotte & Lisa Scarves

If you're anything like the fashion crazed lunatic that I am you're probably already craving to start wearing all of the fall styles we're seeing. I'm already dreaming of the lush sweaters, chunky scarves, and tall boots.

I've been browsing around and found a pair of newcomer scarf designers! Charlotte & Lisa are two friends living together in NYC who met in Paris. Their scarves have an innovative aspect to them, yet still basic enough to wear all season. There's the 'hooded scarf with fur', which is beyond beneficial to those days where that jacket that doesn't have a hood just has to be paired with that dress! My favorite is the 'military scarf' that drapes beautifully and has perfect accents.

To get a jumpstart on your fall accessories hop over to Charlotte & Lisa

all images via Charlotte & Lisa


  1. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

  2. Great photos! Love the outfit! :)

  3. So cool, I love scarfs with hoodies :D x angie

  4. Omg that scarf is amazing!
    So cool (:

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  6. I actually love this post so much!

  7. I also loved the military scarf! I loved them all actually... thanks for sharing!